After sustained years of growth, OSTC trading and investment group embarked in a new expansion of its footprint and services. To support the next steps in the evolution of the company, we developed a new brand identity and brand book, website, marketing materials and a new App to deliver on its vision and business plans.

branding, web, illustration, UI, marketing

Brand Proposition

People are at the center of OSTC efforts and success.
Their expanding e-learning and training products are built around personal and professional, mental, and physical development.

The new visual manifestation of the brand became a celebration of human ingenuity and true potential.

The Website

After a detailed analysis of the proposed content matrix, heuristic review of the previous website, and competitive marketing research, we approached the design of and Architecture of Information framework and site mapping for the new OSTC website towards the creation of a modular design system to ensure scalability, adaptability, and cross-platform compatibility.



In addition to the new website, multiple marketing materials were developed to present the new OSTC and its fresh line of products. 

The App

The new OSTC Bio App is a technological incarnation of the company philosophy of personal development support.